From Exploration to closure

SRC provides a wide range of services throughout the mining cycle to the mining and minerals industry and other industrial sectors. Services focus on advanced analytical testing and mineral processing, engineering support to operations, as well as tailings management and remediation, for:

Uranium | Potash | Diamonds | Rare Earths | Lithium | Oil Sands | Gold and Base Metals | Industrial Minerals


NEWS and events

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Geoscience and Exploration

SRC scientists provide expert support to prospectors and mining companies in various stages of mineral exploration.

SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories and Advanced Microanalysis Centre™ provide applied research and support exploration activities, including:

  • Custom mineralogy packages
  • Kimberlite processing and diamond recovery
  • Developing predictive mineral exploration models, tools and strategies based on geological processes
  • Investigating the geological and regional potential of specific minerals
  • Synthesizing and applying a wide variety of data to better understand geological formation of ore bodies
  • Decision-making support in mineral exploration programs

SRC’s Development Engineering team has developed custom instrumentation, tools and equipment with the aim to support exploration, including the Hybrid Energy Container.

Extraction and Processing

We assist clients in developing enhanced mine and mill processes and providing support for environmental assessments.

SRC’s Development Engineering and Industrial Engineering teams offer combined engineering and technical capability to custom design a wide range of equipment, systems and structures, including:

SRC Minerals works with mining companies to create mineral processing and process improvements, as well as minimize the environmental impacts of mine and mill operations. SRC’s Mineral Processing Lab and Plant is one of only a few centers in Canada that works with uranium and potash.

  • Support mine operations, particularly in mineral processing, metallurgical testing, and effluent and tailings treatment
  • Provide value-added processing R&D to develop new products from minerals

SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ is equipped to enable full-scale physical modelling of the complex pipe flow behavior of slurries and crude oil mixtures.

SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories, one of the most complete analytical laboratories in Canada, provides environmental monitoring, analysis and testing, including industrial effluents and NORMs (Normally Occurring Radioactive Materials).

  • Environmental expertise to help clients minimize environmental impacts and meet regulatory requirements
  • Site assessments, as well as groundwater and contaminant mitigation and monitoring
  • Water quality testing

SRC’s Development Engineering team develops automated systems for environmental monitoring.

SRC also offers air quality monitoring services, such as industrial source testing, dispersion modelling, ambient air and industrial hygiene

Tailings/Water Management and Remediation

SRC’s varied expertise and advanced technology can solve challenges at both abandoned and operating mine sites. We have scientific, technical and management expertise, as well as experience working with project stakeholders – communities, Aboriginal groups, industry and government.

SRC's Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ also provides services in tailings management, in which experimental research is conducted in a dedicated Tailings Test Facility.

SRC works with industry and government on complex, large-scale remediation projects.

  • Managing the complete remediation cycle for multimillion-dollar projects: regulatory liaison, assessment, planning, approvals, procurement, operations management and transitional and long-term monitoring
  • Identify site-specific management, mitigation and remediation options for uranium mines and ongoing site monitoring
  • Develop technologies for water treatment
  • Toxicity testing and analyzing organic and inorganic radiochemicals

SRC is currently managing Project CLEANS (Cleanup of Abandoned Northern Sites), which involves remediating 37 abandoned uranium mine and mill sites in northern Saskatchewan.