Environmental Remediation

SRC has scientific, technical and management expertise in environmental remediation, as well as experience working with Indigenous communities and businesses, regulatory agencies and industry. We provide an integrated approach to your full mine closure cycle, decommissioning, reclamation and remediation projects. 

SRC is managing Project CLEANS (Cleanup of Abandoned Northern Sites), a multi-year mine closure project to assess and remediate the Gunnar and Lorado mine and mill sites, as well as 35 other abandoned uranium mine sites in northern Saskatchewan. Learn more about Project CLEANS.

Our Environmental Remediation team provides environmental, technological, community engagement (including with Indigenous communities) and management support services to remediation activities within the resource and industrial sectors, from exploration to closure. 

We work with both the private and public sectors to develop innovative remediation solutions. As an established technology development and demonstration provider, we have worked with clients from the mineral exploration, mining, energy, manufacturing, forestry and agricultural industries to meet their sustainability goals. 

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environmental remediation services

Remediation Project Management

SRC has expertise and experience in managing both large and small-scale remediation projects. This includes all aspects of project management, including cost estimation and management, design, contract and procurement, and construction management and logistics. SRC also has niche experience with remote sites and any sites where radionuclides are present. Services include:

  • Third-party Reviews of Closure or Remediation Plans 
  • Cost Estimation
  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Remote Logistics Management
  • Waste Management

Environmental Assessments

SRC has the capability to lead and coordinate environmental assessment processes. We have specialized expertise in operationalizing regulatory assessment-based reports for management and implementation. These are practical and risk-based approaches that can be measured and managed for best outcomes. 

Environmental Monitoring 

SRC’s expertise includes the design, development and implementation of environmental monitoring plans. SRC has developed community-based monitoring programs and trained local workers to support long-term skill development in the communities.  

Ecological Restoration and Revegetation 

SRC successfully utilizes science with local Elder traditional knowledge to develop site specific revegetation and ecological restoration strategies that are both robust and cost effective for long term site stability.

Learn more about revegetation work we've done at an abandoned uranium mine site.

Data Management

SRC has developed a unique approach to data acquisition and management that provides real time access to relevant data for decision making, minimizing data loss, while vastly increasing data quality control. Learn more about our integrated data management service.

Our solution can integrate with lab databases for timely updates, reducing errors related to manual data entry. For example, we have increased data quality control by more than 80 per cent for a remediation project we’re managing.

Remediation Technologies 

SRC offers services at each stage of the technology curve, from conceptual development to application and commercialization. Of these services, technology development and field testing are important for successful closure and remediation, which often require new technology or adaptation to specific conditions. These technologies include novel and standard water remediation technologies, including passive technologies.

Environmental Radiological Surveys

As a leader in radionuclide and radiation assessment, SRC has developed full cycle expertise to conduct gamma surveying, calibrate instrumentation, and develop numeric-based risk modelling. Learn more

Acid Rock Drainage 

SRC offers all of the testing required for the assessment and/or measurement of acid rock drainage parameters. These include standard Acid Base Accounting (ABA) tests offered by SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories and acid mineral deportment studies from our Advanced Microanalysis Centre™.

Community Engagement

SRC has developed meaningful and respectful relationships with communities, including Indigenous communities, in the projects we have managed through a variety of engagement activities.

Learn more about our approach to community engagement.

Environmental analysis and testing

More environmental remediation services are available from SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories.

Interested in bidding on remediation work related to Project CLEANS? Visit SRC's Purchasing and Procurement webpage for more information about our competitive bid opportunities and vendor registration form.