Lucinda Wood

Lucinda Wood, SRC
Job Title
Business Development Director, Mining and Energy

Lucinda has 10 years of experience working as both a metallurgical and business development consultant in Argentina for local and international mining companies. Prior to this, she worked as a senior process engineer and as the key metallurgical engineer for mining operations in both Argentina and South Africa for almost 10 years and has both design and operational experience. She has a particular interest in integrating the social, environmental, technological and economic aspects of the mining industry as part of a cohesive approach to services.  

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innovative engineer with hard hat at src
March 22, 2021
Many mining operations experience significant maintenance and performance problems with their materials handling equipment. High heat, dust and vibration can wreak havoc on equipment, as do the tough materials the equipment handles. Learn how engineering experts at SRC solved a client's legacy equipment challenge, combining old and new engineering principles.