Environmental Radiological Surveys

Many current and historical industrial sites contain waste storage, spills, tailings and mining activity, which can pose radiological risks long after decommissioning if they aren’t managed or mitigated properly. SRC organizes and performs radiological surveys to assess gamma radiation exposure risks, drawing from our decades of experience with measurement techniques, equipment and collection procedures.

SRC developed the methodology using best industry practices and our expertise in the nuclear cycle and our experience remediating 37 abandoned uranium mine and mill sites in northern Saskatchewan. We provide survey services for local communities, public organizations, environmental remediation and resource companies.

In addition to our technical expertise, SRC has over a decade of experience working with provincial and federal regulators, ensuring site safety and compliance with Canadian radiological safety objectives. We can offer these services in combination with other services, ranging from site remediation and environmental science to data management and analysis, as well as experience in community engagement.

SRC’s surveyors are trained to safely work in various environments, including remote areas with difficult terrain. We own radiological survey equipment well-suited for work in large open areas. Our dedicated data support team ensures that all collected data is subjected to strict quality control and is presented in a compliant, professional and engaging way for regulators, communities and technical professionals.

Our team will set up an informed, well-managed and efficient radiological data collection process from start to finish.

Services and Capabilities

  • Plan and carry out radiological surveys
  • Process and visualize gamma radiation exposure data
  • Analyze results and provide monitoring recommendations
  • Develop numeric-based risk modelling and risk assessment
  • Conduct independent reviews of survey results and risk assessments
  • Calibrate survey equipment on concrete pads

Survey Planning

Our team of radiological survey experts will analyze current and historical imagery, historical site drawings and archival records to establish an accurate survey scope.

Site visits can be arranged to verify data obtained through imagery and historical document analysis. Local community engagement is important in the data collection process, particularly at the start if there is limited documentation of historical activities.

If available data is incomplete, reconnaissance surveys may be arranged in suspected contaminated areas. These surveys help to outline final boundaries for radiological surveys.

Gamma Surveys

Our team has vast experience in safe data collection under a variety of environmental conditions. We carefully review site conditions and plan surveys, ensuring safety and efficiency. We own radiological survey equipment, which is ready to be deployed in the field. 

Our technical support team in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, maintains daily contact with the field team, facilitating successful radiological data collection.

Gamma Survey Data Quality Control

Our quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedure is based on years of experience working with gamma equipment. GIS software is used to create practical, effective and fast daily data checks.

QA/QC measures guarantee that equipment is functioning properly, data density requirements are achieved and accurate hotspot delineation is completed. Our QA/QC process helps us to achieve consistent and reliable results.

Gamma Survey Data Analysis

Once radiological data is collected, processing is completed to assess the state of a site. Our team combines site information with radiological survey results to create detailed diagrams, maps and analytics.

Gamma Modelling and Prediction for Remediation

Our team can evaluate the outcome of remediation activities at a site using a combination of experience and data modelling to guide the work that needs to be completed or create applications for remediation activities.

Site Monitoring Plans

We can help to set up a long-term monitoring plan and follow-up radiological surveys. We have subject matter experts in a wide array of environmental science fields, who can help interpret collected data and highlight areas of potential concern.

Pad Calibration

SRC owns a full set of concrete calibration pads, one of only a few sets in Canada. The pads were manufactured in 2009 for Goldak Airborne Surveys and were acquired by SRC in 2018. Contact us to learn more about our pad specifications or to arrange access to pads to calibrate your survey equipment.


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