Quality Assurance

Management System Accreditation

SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories’ management system operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, General Requirements for the Competence of Mineral Testing and Calibration Laboratories. View certificate. The laboratory also follows the SCC Requirements and Guidance for the Accreditation of Mineral Analysis Testing Laboratories.

The Quality Management System and the following methods are ISO 17025 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (Scope of Accreditation #537).

  • Caustic Fusion Method for the Determination of Diamonds
  • Determination of U3O8 wt% in Solid Samples by ICP-OES
  • Analysis of Major Water-Soluble Components of Evaporites (Potash)
  • Observation of Kimberlite Indicator Minerals (KIMs)
  • Determination of Base Metals in solid samples by ICP-OES
  • Determination of Selenium in solid samples by ICP-MS 
  • Determination of Lithium in solid samples by ICP-OES 

Audit Program

Accredited processes performed at the laboratory are subject to a strict audit program, which is performed by approved, trained professionals. These methods are also assessed by the accrediting body on an annual basis.

All methods performed at the laboratory are part of the Quality Management System and adhere to principles of the ISO 17025 standard.


All personnel at the laboratory are involved in a training program, which focuses on safety, quality, and process controls. Training programs and authorized personnel are regularly reviewed for adequacy and competency.

Proficiency Testing

The laboratory is involved in a variety of proficiency testing programs. Below are certificates from participation in recent programs.

Interlaboratory Testing

Geoanalytical Laboratories participates in a number of interlaboratory analyses. These results are used to assess the quality of all the methods used at the laboratory.

Quality Control (QC)

The quality control processes at the laboratory are continuously monitored by our Quality Assurance Department.

Quality control measures applied at the laboratory include:

  • Sample preparation QC checks
  • Analysis of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
  • Analysis of in-house reference materials and standards
  • Traceable calibration standards for instrumentation
  • Equipment calibration program
  • Analyzing duplicate and blind QC samples
  • Spiking samples to monitor process recoveries
  • Proficiency Testing and Interlaboratory Comparisons

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