At SRC, being safe is fundamental to everything we do -- from lab operation, to project management to the services and products we provide our clients. When doing business with SRC, it is clear to clients, employees and suppliers alike, that safety and occupational health take priority in our work environment.

Everyone’s Responsibility

  • Every employee at SRC is provided with safety training. We are committed to achieving world-class excellence in safety performance at SRC.
  • Safety and occupational health are never compromised at SRC. We continue to build on a culture that reflects the goal to end each day with zero injuries.
  • Occupational Health and Safety can be managed; all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented.
  • SRC’s Management Team is visibly committed to providing our employees and clients with an outstanding, safe environment.  

Continuous Improvement

With leadership and commitment as its central element, SRC’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System's philosophy is like that of a wheel, continuously improving and moving forward.

SRC recognizes that its employees are the most valuable asset and takes measures to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of health and safety. This means we do not do the work unless it can be done safely.

how src prioritizes safety

All this sounds great, but what does safety actually look like at SRC? On our blog, we take you inside our offices, labs and facilities, so you can see firsthand our safety practices at work. Read stories about safety across SRC, from employees and our Safety team, about the practices and initiatives in place to promote workplace safety.