Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Testing

From exploration to processing and tailings management, SRC identifies solutions to improve productivity in these areas in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

We assist industry by developing mineral processing and process improvements, as well as providing solutions to minimize the environmental impacts of mine and mill operations. The knowledge, methods and technologies developed in this program can be applied to operations throughout the world.

Key Services

  • Mineral processing and hydrometallurgy
  • Process development and metallurgical testing
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility testing
  • Pilot plant testing and process engineering
  • Plant optimization
  • Environmental sustainability process development
  • Mine water and process effluent treatment
  • Uranium, potash, rare earths, gold, base metals, placer group minerals and other minerals processing

Key Features

  • Implementing improving or modifying processes to suit clients’ site-specific conditions
  • Increasing process efficiencies resulting in less waste production and less environmental contamination
  • Environmentally sustainable extraction processing with better, smarter treatment of tailings and slimes

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