Pipe Flow Technology Centre

SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ is acknowledged as an international leader in its field. Our employees offer an unparalleled degree of experience in assisting industry with practical pipeline applications.

Postponed: Slurry Pipeline Systems Course, June 2-5, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've decided to postpone the course until later in the year. New information will be posted here when plans are finalized. You can also subscribe to receive email updates about the course.

Our Services

The Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ is fully equipped to enable full-scale physical modelling of the complex pipe flow behaviour of slurries and crude oil mixtures. Actual pipe flow conditions are obtained in a laboratory environment where temperature, flowrate and mixture composition can be controlled, and instrument performance can be optimized.

Working with Industry

SRC's RD&D in pipe flow technology helps resource industries expand the horizons of how and where they operate. We conduct commercial-scale studies of clients' concepts for safe, cost-effective:

  • Extraction
  • Transportation
  • Processing
  • Waste disposal of mineral and oil resources

Our clients, large and small, understand how the power of pipe flow technology can transform the way they do business. Since 1967, we have collaborated with Canada's resource industries on a range of ground-breaking pipeline and fluid mechanics applications. A few examples are:

  • Hydrotransport of oil sand slurries to enable remote mining
  • Horizontal well recovery and production of heavy oil
  • Paste backfill disposal of industrial tailings

Emerging Areas

Pipe Flow’s services continue to grow in new directions. Recent areas of development at the facility include:

  • High-temperature processes
  • Pipeline integrity systems testing
  • Industrial waste water treatment

How can SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ help your business? Contact us today.