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Our CSR Journey

We believe operating an organization sustainably is critical to delivering services and solutions that strengthen our local and global communities. Our focus continues to be on providing clients and stakeholders with practical services and solutions that produce positive economic, social and environmental impacts. 

From our growing list of sustainable services to cheering on our employees in community activities, we are committed to conducting business in a responsible manner, and to helping other companies, organizations and communities do the same.


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Our CSR journey started when we become a company in 1947, with the objective of strengthening Saskatchewan's economy through research and development. Through a diverse range of initiatives over the years, CSR has become embedded in our corporate strategy and continues to become more ingrained in our organizational culture. 

Our Impacts
graphic showing src's total impacts on the provincial economy was $814 million
  • SRC's revenues exceeded $75 million and its total economic impact in Saskatchewan was more than $772 million. Since 2003, SRC’s economic and employment impacts in Saskatchewan have exceeded $8.4 billion.
  • More than 578 jobs, valued at $42 million, were created or maintained, as a result of SRC’s work.
graphic showing 84% of src's project expenses was on social and environmental impacts
  • SRC’s operations produced greenhouse gas emissions of 8,563 tonnes CO2e.
  • By providing sustainable services, SRC contributed to reducing clients’ emissions by 19 kt CO2e and saving more than 40 million kilowatt hours in energy.
graphic showing src's employees received over 7,400 of training
  • Safety is an overriding priority for SRC. For the third year in a row and the fourth time in recent history, SRC had no lost-time injuries.
  • Through SRC’s Employee Volunteer Program, 63 individuals volunteered more than 264 hours in corporately organized volunteer initiatives.
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inspiring the next generation

SRC's Honourary Scientist campaign brought science into the home. A series of YouTube videos demonstrated simple experiments that anyone can do at home with easy-to-find materials.

As a part of the campaign, SRC employees attended events across the province and helped attendees build catapults, as well as handed out Honourary Scientist certificates. Try the experiments.

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CSR Spotlight
src jars of rare earth element samples

Medallion Resources Ltd. has a strategy to solve supply and cost issues with rare earths, an important component of nearly every electronic device that people use daily. Medallion Resources engaged SRC to provide metallurgical process development using existing processes and testing the processes  with Medallion’s feedstock. Read more.

two src men peat sampling to measure carbon stored in wetlands

Most people might be surprised to know that wetlands are hot spots of biodiversity in a forested landscape. They’re also a huge reservoir of carbon. And it’s important to conserve wetlands to maintain that carbon in the ground. Read more.

src technologist pouring liquid into a beaker in environmental lab

We’re fortunate that many women in STEM careers have chosen to work at SRC – scientists, engineers, researchers, technologists. Learn how five women at SRC came to be in a STEM career and what and who inspired them - and continues to inspire them - to stick with it. Read more.

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