Integrated Data Management Service

Information collected by your business is usually spread across multiple databases, documents and platforms. It is often analyzed and modelled separately, depending on the needs of the different stakeholders within your organization.

Imagine how much time and human error could be minimized if your geological, operational, environmental and business data was integrated; how more efficient and useful your analyses could be, especially in real time. With information flowing more accurately and transparently between your external and internal stakeholders, it’ll be easier to build trust and maintain your important relationships.

specialized expertise

But it can be complicated to maximize your business performance and improve your decision-making without the right systems integration, user interface and data collection strategies in place. This is where our experts can help. 

SRC has nearly 75 years’ experience working with industry and government. We’ve used a variety of systems and processes to collect, manage and analyze data over the years, so we know your challenges and we’ve created solutions.

Our enterprise-level Integrated Data Management Service (IDMS) provides:

  • Efficient handling of historical and current data of any type and application 
  • Data visualization to support operational, environmental and business decision making for end users and other stakeholders (e.g., community leaders) 
  • Real-time analysis 
  • Support for planning, implementation, fieldwork and monitoring 
  • Increased transparency for stakeholders

Customized to meet your needs

IDMS is not a software program or a one-size-fits-all service, but a comprehensive data management solution that we can customize to meet your business needs, such as reducing decision-making time, increasing transparency and improving resource allocation. 

Whatever the state of your data, the type of data you collect, the analysis you require, your software platform, your field data collection methods or your stakeholder needs, SRC can help you develop the optimum database management solution.

Developed and Tested in the Field 

Our experts developed an internal data management solution for our multi-year, multimillion-dollar remediation project. It is an essential tool for our project managers and our stakeholders. It has streamlined the way we manage over 50 years worth of data and has successfully facilitated integrated decision making for planning, implementation, fieldwork and monitoring, as well as increased transparency among stakeholders. It features:

  • Powerful geospatial information system (GIS) analytics and 3-D imaging for complex problem solving and planning 
  • Online monitoring and modelling for real-time transparency facilitates better relationships with stakeholders 
  • Data visualization supports planning; allows communities and stakeholders to see firsthand technical decisions and their impacts 
  • Data accessed through an easy-to-use web portal with fast report retrieval 
  • Easily combine data for a specific location, media or parameter; integrated with lab databases for timely updates, reducing errors related to manual data entry 
  • No technical skills required, but customized training is available for users