Process Development

We provide research, development and demonstration services, including scaling up, optimizing and designing value-added processes and technologies for commercial application, which help clients in variety of sectors across Saskatchewan and the world achieve significant economic and positive environmental impacts. 


We create or advance continuous processes in the following areas:

  • Partial upgrading
  • Novel chemical processes and products
  • Bioenergy
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction technologies
  • Bioproduct processing

Providing lower-cost and smaller-scale upgrading options for heavy oil producers, we have advanced a number of promising techniques. We have reasonably mature technology available for testing at demonstration scale; it employs supercritical water to reduce the density and viscosity of heavy oil with minimum coke and light gas formation. 

Water treatment

We have expertise applying biofilm reactor technology to treat wastewater. This simple technique uses a bacterial culture to consume undesirable organics in a water stream in relatively short periods with very low operating costs.

Other water treatment expertise includes the production of high purity water, selective dissolved salt removal from a variety of groundwater formations and evaluating the compatibility of industrial water streams.

Industrial chemical processes

With expertise in developing and commercializing industrial chemical processes, our most successful development is the conversion of sodium sulphate to higher value products.

  • Commercial technology assessments
  • Process improvements and process integration
  • Process optimization (energy and water utilization)
  • Pilot-scale unit development and operation
  • Developing novel approaches to edible crop processing
  • Economic assessments of various process applications, such as biomass to methane

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