Decentralized Energy Solutions

The Catalyst for Your Energy TransitionTM

A reliable, smart and green energy supply is a goal of many communities and industries across the globe. Decentralized energy solutions are a major pathway to achieve these goals— including net-zero emission targets—and SRC has provided expertise and technological solutions in this area for decades.

We offer feasibility, design, integrated manufacturing and installation services for clients looking to decentralize their energy solutions to increase reliability and decrease operational costs and their carbon footprint. These include hybrid power solutions with storage and renewable components that can form a smart grid/microgrid solution, whether on-grid or off-grid.

SRC works with clients from the design stage to maintenance and training, and can grow the solution to introduce smart technologies, as needed.


  • Feasibility reports to determine the best combination of decentralized energy generation options, including energy sources (or hybrid combinations, such as diesel, natural gas, propane) and storage options
  • Resource assessments (wind and solar) to determine renewable generation options
  • Smart and remote metering and control options to optimize load/supply mixes, reduce storage and generation capital requirements, and reduce demand charges
  • Storage assessments
  • Utility interconnection
  • Microgrid design and development


Hybrid Energy Solutions

SRC’s Hybrid Energy Container (HEC) has a customizable combination of conventional and renewable generation sources together with energy storage. The system is more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable than traditional diesel generators for industrial sites, off-grid communities and disaster-affected areas. Learn more.

Renewable Smart Grid/Microgrid Solutions

SRC’s smart grid/microgrid solutions provide real and practical opportunities that help industry transition to cleaner, renewable sources of energy, promote energy autonomy and reliability, and create opportunities for alternative sources of revenue and training/knowledge-building.

We can help develop feasibility studies and conceptual frameworks that meet a community’s specific needs and environment, as well as facilitate the interaction with local utilities and connectivity issues.

We engage communities where they are at and work with them and other stakeholders to come up with shared objectives and develop holistic solutions.

Key Expertise

Ryan Jansen is a Senior Research Engineer in SRC’s Process Development group and has worked in advanced energy systems at SRC for over a decade. He is a Professional Engineer with Permission to Consult in the area of smart grids. Ryan has experience in
project management, as well as technical expertise in renewable energy systems,
energy storage, remote monitoring systems, programming, smart grids and microgrids, electric vehicles, and district heating systems.

Erica Emery is a Senior Research Engineer in SRC’s Process Development group. She has experience in gas-to- energy systems, process design and simulation, bench-top reactor operation (batch and continuous), technology assessment and validation, experimental design and project management.

Michael Sulatisky is a Research Emeritus with SRC’s Process Development group. He has worked in the energy sector for over 50 years, is an inventor on five patents and has permission to consult in wind generation facilities, alternative fuelled vehicles and facilities, and energy conservation in buildings.