Erin Matthews

Erin Matthews
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Communications Specialist

Erin Matthews is a Communications Specialist at SRC, as well as a creative communicator and academic who explores stories about science, history and health. 

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SRC aerial perspective of a revegetated tailings field at gunnar mine site
February 15, 2023
written by Erin Matthews
Remediation efforts at the former Gunnar Mine and Mill Site reached a new milestone last spring—with the first stage of revegetation coming to fruition. Learn how this long-abandoned uranium mine and mill has undergone a large environmental transformation over the past decade.
two engineers install solar panel at src weather station
December 08, 2022
written by Erin Matthews
SRC's Climate Services team installed a weather station at Black Fox Farm and Distillery, which provides Black Fox's owners accurate weather data for their business. Learn more about the weather station and SRC's nearly sixty-year history tracking Saskatchewan's changing climate.
philip rees src security expert
November 29, 2022
written by Erin Matthews
While the latest technologies are the foundation of any security unit, successful operations also require a robust security culture. Safety and security are interconnected—a secure workplace ensures staff safety and keeps operations running smoothly. Learn how SRC is developing a culture of security as it grows.
potash granules in a beaker in src's lab
November 02, 2022
written by Erin Matthews
While potash has some valuable industrial uses, 95 per cent of the world’s production goes towards supporting the agricultural industry. As demand for a variety of food crops increases, farmers and industry are looking for premium fertilizer to maximize their yields. Learn how SRC is helping industry recover premium products, such as sulphate of potassium.
Skye Muirhead, Environmental Remediation
October 06, 2022
written by Erin Matthews
Skye Muirhead is the Operations Lead for SRC’s Environmental Remediation team. Learn more about Muirhead's career and work at SRC as she and her team take on the complex task of remediating abandoned uranium mine and mill sites in northern Saskatchewan.
Alexey Klyashtorin, Senior Environmental Scientist at SRC
October 05, 2022
written by Erin Matthews
Alexey Klyashtorin is a world-renowned expert on nuclear and environmental remediation. He works on SRC's Project CLEANS team where he applies his industrial and academic experience to remediating abandoned uranium mine and mill sites in northern Saskatchewan. Read on.