On-Demand Sensor-Based Sorting Webinars

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  • Preconcentration Applications: SRC and CIM Magazine co-hosted a webinar on how to identify potential preconcentration technologies, such as sensor based sorting and dense medium separation, and how to evaluate their viability.
  • Sensor-Based Sorting for Base Metals: Base metals mining projects are usually large-scale operations where, if applicable, ore sorting can make a significant difference to the overall economics of projects and lower the environmental footprint, as well as the cut-off grades of mineable assets. In this webinar, learn about how to evaluate whether sorting is for you and what are the most effective ways of testing and evaluating this technology. (Co-hosted with TOMRA Mining)
  • Sensor-Based Sorting for Lithium: Learn about the principles and benefits of sorting for lithium operations and how to answer the question of whether sorting is right for you. SRC talks about the best way to navigate the application of sorting ensure through the right technology and the right testing regimes. (Co-hosted with TOMRA Mining)
  • Mineral Characterization for Optimum Sensor-Based Sorting: Experts from SRC and Unearthed Consulting covered the mineral and sensor characterization required for successfully adopting sensor-based sorting. Learn about sensor-based technologies and their mineral applications, such as XRT, laser, infrared, induction and colour sorters. (Co-hosted with CIM Magazine)
  • Using Science to Maximize Sorting Efficiency: Experts from SRC’s Mining and Energy Divisions will show how an industry-unique combination of QEMSCAN® and computed-tomography (CT) scanning technologies can help determine the critical size-grade relationship of the ore and assist in identifying the ideal size fraction(s) to sort. This newly developed toolset is applicable to all major deposit types and size ranges. (Co-hosted with CIM Magazine)

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SRC has a unique combination of digital, mineralogical and minerals processing expertise to help mining companies navigate their sensor-based sorting options, even before starting costly testwork programs. Our experts apply their understanding of sensor performance, mineral characterization and processing to help assess the economic viability of sorting options. We have experience with sorting technologies and equipment that are on the market, and we have also developed custom-made sensor-based solutions that are used in a variety of novel ways. In addition, we offer sensor-based sorting process development, testing and piloting as part of our full suite of mining services.  

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