Slurry Applications

SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ provides test facilities and expertise for researching and developing slurry handling systems and applications. Clients, from industries such as oil and gas, oil sands and mining, use our internationally recognized facility to obtain quality pipeline data necessary for designing safe and reliable slurry pipelines.  

Through our RD&D in pipe flow technology, resource industries gain the knowledge needed to expand the horizons of how and where they operate. Pilot plant studies provide our clients with the opportunity to test their concepts in a cost-effective manner (e.g., oil sand extraction, mineral processing and waste or tailings disposal). 

Our Services

We also conduct commercial-scale studies of slurry-related processes, such as separation, thickening and tailings deposition and consolidation. 
SRC's Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ uses state-of-the-art tools to study fluid mechanics in pipes.
Much of our research is conducted using one of our many pipeline loops, which range from 25 mm to 500 mm in diameter. Using these loops, actual flow conditions are obtained in a laboratory environment where temperature, flow rate and mixture composition can be controlled, and instrument performance can be optimized.

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