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Rare Earth Processing Facility

Canada's First Rare Earth Processing Facility

The Government of Saskatchewan and SRC are excited to announce the development of the SRC Rare Earth Processing Facility - the first-of-its-kind in Canada - laying the foundation for a Rare Earth Element (REE) supply chain in Saskatchewan and forming an industry model for future commercial REE resource expansion in the province. Read the News Release. 

The Facility will be able to process both main hard rock ores (Bastnaesite and Monazite) and in the future, will also be capable of processing Uranium Raffinate concentrate, a rich source of REE from Saskatchewan’s uranium industry. Read some frequently asked questions about our Facility.

The Facility is expected to be fully operational in late 2022 with construction beginning this fall. 

SRC employs world-class REE experts and is a leader in the development of processing technologies. We are working closely with mining companies in Saskatchewan, Canada and globally on the concentration of REE ore. Learn more about our REE services

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“With its world-leading REE expertise, SRC is already working with industrial partners to develop company-specific REE concentration facilities in Saskatchewan, which is the precursor process to full REE processing. This Facility will allow for an environmentally sustainable, reliable, and strategic supply of REEs to be produced outside of China.”

- Mike Crabtree, SRC President and CEO

Interested in bidding on work?

SRC Purchasing handles all requests for proposals, estimates and quotations to solicit bids for procurement contracts related to this Facility. Available opportunities will be posted on SaskTenders (Organization Type: Crown Corporation > Saskatchewan Research Council). 

For more information, please contact SRC Purchasing by email or phone at 1-306-933-5400. 

You can also view this presentation that provides an overview of the facility. 

REE Processing

The conversion of REE ore to individual REE products is done in two main stages. The first is the concentration of ore to mixed REE Carbonate. The second is the more complex separation stage that converts the mixed REE Carbonate to commercial pure-grade REEs. The Facility will address both stages of REE processing. 

  • Canada has some of the largest resources of REEs in the world, estimated at over 15 million tonnes of rare earth oxides.

  • REEs are used in a variety of industrial applications, including electronics, clean energy, aerospace, automotive and defence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read more frequently asked questions about our Facility.

The $31 million investment from the Government of Saskatchewan will go towards highly specialized equipment designed to handle the ores to produce saleable products. This includes equipment for crushing, cracking, leaching, solid/liquid separation, impurity removal, REE precipitation, REE product drying, product packing, wastewater treatment, solvent extraction, product calcination and more.

Yes, SRC has already seen a lot of interest from the Canadian rare earth industry and Saskatchewan uranium industry. There are three rare earth element companies with Saskatchewan deposits that have put their support behind SRC’s Rare Earth Processing Facility.

SRC’s Rare Earth Processing Facility will follow the most stringent operating standards. Chemicals, including acids and alkalis, cannot be avoided in rare earth processing. This means that waste streams, including wastewater and residues, will be produced. However, it is not the waste streams that are the problem – the key is how they are handled. SRC plans to treat, re-use and recycle as much of the solution as possible. Our goal is to build processes environmentally sustainable with recycling in mind to minimize the environmental footprint of our operation. This means that all waste water will be treated and reused resulting in no liquid discharge from the Facility; all solid waste will be handled and disposed of properly following regulations and procedures; and although not much gas is generated by the Facility, scrubbers will be installed anywhere there is a vent to guarantee there are zero toxic emissions to the air. 


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Our Rare Earth Experts
muhammad imran src

Dr. Muhammad Imran is the Vice-President of SRC's REE Division. He started as a research engineer in the EOR Field Development Business Unit and then was assigned the responsibilities of Business Unit Manager in 2013. He then became the Director of Operations EOR Processes and Field Development. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering. His career highlights at SRC include many research projects, such as innovative proofs of concept, development and optimization of medium and heavy oil EOR processes, lab-scale equipment design, and physical and mathematical modelling.

src jack zhang

Dr. Jack Zhang is the Director of SRC's REE Division. He has over 20 years of extensive industrial, engineering, operation and research experience. His major areas of focus include the processing of rare earth, uranium, potash and phosphate, rare metals, lithium, industrial minerals, as well as tailings/mine water/effluent treatment. At SRC, he has led and supervised numerous mineral processing, metallurgical testing, optimization and R&D projects for global clients. 

src baodong zhao

Dr. Baodong Zhao has more than 25 years of experience in metallurgical engineering and project management, particularly in rare earth mineral processing and hydrometallurgy. Baodong has led and participated in laboratory and pilot plant test work, as well as Preliminary Economic Assessments covering sample preparation, mineralogical characterization, beneficiation, hydrometallurgy and REE separation.

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