SRC provides advanced analytical testing and mineral processing services, as well as research and development for models and discovery and recovery of a wide range of minerals, including potash. We support potash mines in Canada and across the world, including in Australia, Africa, South America and Europe. 

Our capabilities and expertise assist potash companies throughout the mining life cycle: from exploration, scoping and optimization studies, to pre-and defined feasibility studies, plant commissioning, auditing, decommissioning and mine closures. 

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SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories has a dedicated potash preparation and analysis laboratory. We offer an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited method for the determination of water soluble CaO, K2O Na2O, and MgO (wt%) in addition to other analytes that are of interest in potash exploration.

The Potash Assay was developed by the laboratory to deliver quality assay results for the potash industry. We are one of only a few laboratories in the world that can provide this service.

Other exploration services offered by SRC include:

Design & Feasibility



Potash Recovery Processes

We specialize in the mineral processing and metallurgical testing technology needed to treat the different minerals in the ore, as well as minimize environmental impacts of mine and mill operations.

We’ve developed many potash recovery processes, including:

  • Direct flotation of KCl and of double salt (kainite, leonite, or schoenite)
  • Hot leaching
  • Reverse flotation of halite
  • High- and low-temperature SOP crystallization