Environmental Analysis and Testing

As one of Canada's most complete analytical chemistry laboratories, SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories offers environmental testing and analytical services to global clients, as well as expertise in organics, inorganics and radiochemistry.

Environmental sample analysis is provided for special assessments, as well as for routine monitoring programs. The accredited laboratory handles everything from water to soil, sediment, biological tissue, vegetation, air filters and other media. We provide reliable and accurate analytical services to meet your requirements.

Our analytical capabilities include:

  • Environmental Monitoring

    • Regulatory analysis for mining industry
    • Baseline studies for environmental impact assessments
    • Industrial effluents
    • Sewage lagoons
    • Hazardous waste classification
  • Analytical Services for Site Remediation

    • Petroleum contaminated sites
    • PCBs and transformer oil storage sites
    • Pesticide/herbicide storage locations (warehouses, landfills)
    • Heavy metals
    • Organic halogens
  • Uranium Mining Analytical Services

  • Air Quality Analysis

    • Industrial air monitoring (workplace contaminants)
    • Residential air quality analysis
    • Lead in paint and dust
    • High volume air filters for metals and radionuclides
    • Organic vapours-paint solvents and gasoline fumes
    • Radon
  • Soil Testing

  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

    • Petroleum pipeline residues
    • Petroleum waste materials

Contact us to discuss your analytical requirements or to learn more about our lab.