About Us

SRC at a Glance

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With nearly 300 employees, $91 million in annual revenue and nearly 75 years of RD&D experience, SRC is Canada’s second largest research and technology organization with 1,500 clients in 27 countries around the world.


Our Impact

SRC’s 2018-19 annual economic impact assessment shows that last year:

  • We achieved more than $489 million in direct economic benefit to Saskatchewan.
  • Our work created or maintained over $84 million worth of jobs.
  • Over 81 per cent of project expenses were aimed at creating positive environmental and/or social impacts.
  • We helped save clients more than 40 million kWh in energy and reduce emissions by more than 22 kt.
How do we determine our economic impact? Read our IPAC paper to learn more about our economic impact process and assessment.