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Since 1979, SRC has been instrumental in transforming some of the world’s most challenging oil and gas opportunities into some of its most valuable reserves. We are now a full generation into our mission to support and sustain our clients with world-class oil and gas technologies, services and solutions, including helping companies transition to net zero using renewables and reduce their emissions.

We offer a wide range of services to help broaden your energy mix, improve your existing operations and chart your path toward net zero.

We’ll work with you to identify ways to leverage renewable options through integrated energy systems, storage and optimization to improve your operation’s energy efficiency and productivity.

We offer state-of-the-art research, development and demonstration (RD&D) laboratories and engineering facilities. Our teams of engineers, scientists and technologists have expertise and experience in a variety of resources in the vast Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), including bitumen, light to heavy oil, and shale oil and gas. 

We put our extensive know-how to work tackling the needs of national and multinational clients. We provide our clients with practical and inventive solutions, from rapid oil and gas evaluation and services to multi-year research and feasibility studies.

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Our Strengths in Research and Innovation 

  • We’re advancing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) for the varied resource types present in the WCSB: heavy oil and oilsands bitumen, medium/light oil, tight Bakken-like reservoirs, heavy oil carbonates and shale oil. 
  • We offer applied research, design, development, demonstration and scale up of value-added processing technologies for commercial application in such niche areas as sensor-based mineral processing, partial upgrading, biomass to biofuel and bioproduct processing.
  • Our core areas of EOR expertise lie in thermal EOR, post-cold-production EOR, chemical waterflooding, miscible/immiscible gas (CO2) injection, microbial EOR, in-situ combustion, and original hybrid EOR systems such as solvent/ thermal and chemical/CO2
  • We study improved methods to handle produced fluids, with expertise in areas such as surface facility energy efficiency and integration, water cleanup and  water compatibility, and complex multi-phase pipe flow technology
  • Feasibility, design, integrated manufacturing and installation services for decentralized energy solutions, including hybrid power systems and storage, renewables, smart grid/microgrid solutions
  • Our dedicated, state-of-the-art equipped laboratories include full-service analytical suites, as well as some custom-designed and –built models and instruments  that are ahead of the curve. For example, we use our hybrid high-temperature solvent vapour extraction scaled physical model to study complex steam-assisted gravity drainage and thermal solvent vapour extraction techniques. 
  • Our industrial computed tomography (CT) scanner is one of the first in Canada and is designed for petroleum research and development, as well as geomaterials characterization. We can provide accurate quantitative data around flow patterns, porosity and saturation without altering the fluids or rocks. Our scanner provides fine 3-D resolution and is adaptable to many types of experimental techniques.
  • Our Environmental Analytical Laboratories offer a variety of petroleum analysis for crude oil and oilfield-produced water, as well as analyses for natural gas, pipeline fluids and testing for ethanol and biodiesel.


Centre for the Demonstration of Emissions Reductions

Building on SRC’s expertise and experience in the oil and gas sector, SRC's Centre for the Demonstration of Emissions Reductions (CeDER) is focused on methane emission reductions for this sector. CeDER can test and validate emissions technologies for low and high-volume sources, from fugitive to process venting.


Numerical Modelling 

Our researchers have detailed knowledge/ experience in numerical modelling and simulation of EOR processes, using commercial software suites or custom-built  solutions. Our team customizes existing modelling platforms, developing new methodologies for effective simulation of complex systems, including SAGD, SAGD hybrids, in-situ combustion and complex CO2 chemical flooding. 


Prototyping and Piloting 

We can take new and existing EOR techniques from concept to field deployment through feasibility studies using small and large-scale physical models and numerical simulation. We employ our design and engineering expertise to develop, build and operate complex pilots and prototypes of new technological solutions.


Environmental Services

SRC develops and provides sustainable solutions to environmental challenges faced by a variety of industries. We analyze, monitor, measure and provide reporting on your environmental performance to help you reduce your environmental impacts.

As one of Canada’s most complete analytical chemistry laboratories, SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories offers environmental test services and expertise in organics, inorganics and radiochemistry. Our packages for the oil industry include salinity, total petroleum hydrocarbons, metals in soil and landfill.