Unlock the Power of Innovative Energy Solutions

Creating and employing responsible energy-efficient solutions is vital to preserving our economy and environment.

SRC is working to find ways to meet increasing demands for energy production, conservation and efficiency. We provide services and technologies that solve our clients’ technical problems and challenges in the production and distribution of energy, including fossil energy and alternative-renewable energy.

Our energy services are diverse – from industrial and commercial to residential – and focus not only on energy production, but on conversion and conservation. 

Highly-specialized applied research and development, scale-up and demonstration work conducted at our facilities supports the global need to create sustainable energy solutions now and for years to come.

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NEWS: SRC is bringing its popular Technology and Innovation Theatre to the following events:

  • Williston Basin Petroleum Conference | Regina, SK | May 28-29 | Booth 126 - View Theatre Schedule and Tour Our Labs
  • Global Petroleum Show | Calgary, AB | June 11-13 | Booth 1212 - Schedule coming soon...
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference | Calgary, AB | Sept. 30 - Oct 2 | Booth 1044 - Scheduling coming soon... 

NEWS: SRC and NAL Resources are co-nominees in the new Collaborative Trendsetters category at this year's Global Petroleum Show Awards. NAL and SRC have collaborated on ways to reduce emissions and produce clean energy with innovative technologies.


Environmental Analysis and Testing

SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories provides a wide range of environmental analyses and packages for the oil and gas industry, including lab services for remediation, air quality, operational services and waste disposal services. Learn more.