Industrial CT Scanning

SRC has one of the first industrial-type computed-tomography (CT) scanners in Canada designed for petroleum research and development.

It is equipped with both a 450-kV minifocus tube with powerful X-ray penetration, and a 225-kV microfocus tube with high resolution. It can continuously scan objects up to 77 cm tall and accommodate weights up to 110 kg.

Core Plugs

Basic Scan Data and Reporting

  • 6 circular X-Y plane cross-sectional images along longitudinal core Z axis
  • 2 orthogonal Z-X and Z-Y plane cross-sectional images along diameter (Scout Images)
  • Data includes still picture images

Optional Image Viewing Capability

Video files showing 2-D images along 3 orthogonal planes – pixel by pixel

  • Standard: in file sizes (commonly < 20 MB) for e-mail transfer
  • Enhanced: in file sizes that require an FTP service or flash/hard drive (additional charge)

Optional Image Viewing Capability – Interactive 3-D Data File

  • Includes reconstructed 3-D geometry file and viewer software (if client requires) to generate movie files
  • 3-D image file for each plug provided using an FTP service or flash/hard drive (additional charge)

Optional Digital Image Analysis Using PerGeos™

  • Includes phase segmentation based on scanning resolution and other complementary measurements (e.g., gas, liquid, light and heavy minerals)
  • For batch processing of core plugs with same dimensions and lithology, at least one plug with experimentally measured fluid saturations and porosity is needed to calibrate segmentation and follow-up calculations (pricing is based on core sample) 
  • Only available for enhanced scanning images


Core Slabs 

  • Must be competent if not in a tube
  • Tube must have low X-ray attenuation (i.e., plastic or aluminum)
  • Typical core slab length is 75 cm


Other Materials of Various Sizes, Irregular Geometry

  • Includes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Price based on scan time, quantity and techniques