Industrial Engineering

We help clients improve business competitiveness through niche engineering capabilities complemented by a diverse team of technical experts. Our goal is to lower your operational expenses while providing improvements to safety, productivity and quality for the best return on investment.

mechanical design and operations optimization

Reliability Engineering

  • Equipment performance evaluation
  • Diagnostics and failure analysis
  • Root cause investigations
  • Machine design analysis 
  • Assessment of loading conditions, inputs and installation
  • Engineered remediation with cost-effective equipment upgrades
  • Life extension measures – management of vibration, fatigue, wear and corrosion

Operations Support

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures for maintenance and inspection focused on improved equipment performance and reliability
  • Educational seminars for operators, maintenance staff and reliability engineers
  • Practical engineering design seminars for in-house engineers  


  • Water/solids separation systems
  • Reagent preparation and dosing systems
  • High-frequency screeners and vibration optimization
  • Vibration isolation
  • Mechanical drives
  • Custom steel bases, stands and platforms
  • Torsional analysis
  • Upgrades of pump boxes, mix boxes and agitators
  • Remediation of ducting to fans and blowers