Ecosystems and Forestry Management

SRC provides integrated research solutions to environmental sustainability challenges across all industries. Clients from rural and urban communities, government and industry rely on our expertise to develop practical solutions to complex problems in the mining, energy, agriculture, forestry, rangelands and biotechnology sectors. These solutions are framed to ensure sustainable economic development in an evolving climate and among varied ecosystems.

Our services relate to water, soil and air quality, wastewater treatment, greenhouse gas accounting and mitigation, woody biomass, forest sustainability and ecological biodiversity.

From incubation and full deployment to the renewal stages of market demand, we provide services for every stage of your project. You’ll work with an experienced team dedicated to finding solutions to integrated problems, which enable and sustain economic development. 


Our projects provide you with short- and long-term value through:

  • Positive returns on investments through enabling processes (e.g., wastewater treatment of mine tailing effluent)
  • Enabling processes that match new legislation (e.g., carbon accounting)
  • Reduced economic loss through mitigation measures (e.g., water quality management, carbon sequestration by forests, reduced greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Meeting public desire for sustainable practices, industrial processes and the preservation of life sustaining natural resources
  • Enhanced human health and safety
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