Climate Services

Knowing the negative impacts of extreme climatic events not only helps us prepare for future events, it also allows us to take advantage of the positive impacts.

SRC’s Climatology team develops, tests and transfers climatic information, which can lead to environmental, economic and social benefits for Saskatchewan and the world.

What can climate science do for you? Here’s how we can help.

Climate Hazards

Investigating how climate affects our society, economy and environment, we study the effects of hazards, including droughts, excessive moisture, extreme heat and extreme cold. We look at their resulting influences on agriculture, forestry, health, water and communities.  

Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation

We provide climatic impact assessments and adaptation strategies for the resource and environmental sectors. This process involves assessing climatic factors that affect socioeconomic and ecological systems.

Read more about the one of the worst natural disasters in Canada, which cost the agriculture sector approximately $3.6 billion.

Monitoring Climate Variability

Monitoring climate variability is accomplished by using SRC’s two Climate Reference Stations (CRS), located in Saskatoon and south of Prince Albert, SK. These stations provide Saskatchewan with comprehensive climate variability data.

Real-time weather Data

SRC is developing a website that will provide real-time hourly and weekly updates on the weather situation at SRC’s Climate Reference Stations and others. The website is a work in progress but the most recent hourly data can be accessed now at SRC Mesonet. Please contact Virginia Wittrock for more information.

Take a virtual tour of our Climate Reference Station in Saskatoon, which has gathered environmental data for over 50 years.