Water Management Services

SRC’s water science RD&D services provide applied research, data analysis and modelling to help industries develop and implement sustainable water management and treatment strategies.

Our technologies and strategies help preserve fresh water quality and quantity for humans, agriculture and key industrial sectors.

The following services are offered by our water science specialists to support groundwater and surface water management:

  • Groundwater monitoring program development, including piezometer installation and monitoring activities; includes monitoring well placement, installation, well design and construction, well development, site characterization and groundwater sampling
  • Electromagnetic Monitoring (EM) and surveying
  • Potable water sampling 
  • Spatial data analysis and information management services
  • Customized modelling and application development
  • Related work: Soil Sample Collection and Soil Sample Preparation and Analysis – collecting soil samples for physical and chemical analysis is a critical component of environmental investigations at many sites
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