Forestry Services

SRC has experienced forestry specialists who provide applied research, analysis and tool development to help you implement sustainable forest management practices. We have expertise in climate change impacts and adaptation in forest management; forest ecosystem monitoring and modelling, including the use of unmanned aircraft and GIS/remote sensing technologies; applied forest ecology and silviculture research; forest management planning; and forest carbon management. 

We use a variety of approaches, including forest ecosystem simulation models and cutting-edge remote sensing and GIS technology, to assist forest managers in government, industry and Indigenous communities in implementing sustainable forest management.

Through our interdisciplinary approach, we can address unique issues and access resources only available at SRC. We are committed to providing services that foster a vibrant and healthy forest industry in Saskatchewan and around the world. 


  • Modelling forest ecosystems under current and future conditions
  • Developing climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning tools
  • Providing scientific support to sustainable forest management
  • Monitoring and verification procedures for forest carbon management
  • Assessing resource development impacts on forest ecosystems
  • Applied forest ecology research
  • GIS and remote sensing analysis/mapping
  • Spatial data management
  • Facilitating sustainable resource development

We have the skills and technology needed to solve your forest management challenges. Contact us today to get started.