Plant Ecology Services

SRC provides plant ecology services to help clients understand, conserve and manage their natural landscapes. 

Our scientific expertise is founded on studying Saskatchewan’s natural ecosystems. Focusing on applying our knowledge to practical land management issues, we have extended our work on grasslands, forests and wetlands to areas across Canada and the world.


  • Vegetation types and ecosystems classification and mapping
  • Information tools for ecosystem management
  • Rangeland assessment and management
  • Wildlife habitat studies
  • Ecosystem management plans for natural areas such as parks
  • Inventory and management plans for species at risk
  • Invasive species inventory and control
  • Adaptation to climate change in land management
  • Revegetation of disturbed areas
  • Training for consultants in plant identification and vegetation survey

Our work helps:

  • Park planners to manage their land-base for conservation and tourism
  • Ranchers and pasture managers with planning sustainable grazing operations
  • Conservation agencies to protect biodiversity and species at risk
  • Industry reduce their impacts on natural ecosystems and re-vegetate areas that have been disturbed
  • Policy makers in planning adaptation to climate change
  • Environmental consultants improve their staff capabilities and business products

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