Agroforestry Services

SRC’s agroforestry experts specialize in providing applied research and information on current practices in agroforestry using a variety of tools to help you effectively approach healthy, sustainable land use systems.

Agroforestry is an intensive land management system that is based on the benefits of biological interactions created when trees, shrubs or vegetation are combined with annual crops, forage or livestock.


  • Land property assessment to determine the best sustainable land use system
  • Land area mapping using GPS/GIS technologies
  • Land use system design using CanVis technology (visual appeal of plan)
  • Current agroforestry trends and information on preparing land, ordering and planting stock, designing a vegetation management system and proper site maintenance
  • Site monitoring and impact assessment from climate change
  • Applied agroforestry research
  • Using agroforestry species for bioenergy feedstocks

We can help you implement agroforestry operations on your land base. The following systems can be incorporated on most agricultural lands.

  • Alley Cropping
  • Tree Farming
  • Silvopasture
  • Riparian Buffers
  • Riparian Management

Other uses for these systems include carbon sequestration, wastewater management, odour and noise reduction, restoring soil fertility for food crops, providing green space and visual aesthetics, enhancing and maintaining wildlife habitats and reducing deforestation pressures on woodlands.

Discover how agroforestry systems can add value to your operation. Contact us today.