From the Lab to the Loading Dock Blog

November 12, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Much has been written on employee engagement and how to encourage and foster innovation within an organization. Our Innovation Forum is designed to encourage conversations and networking across the company, to create an awareness about the capabilities and projects at SRC.
November 06, 2014
written by Meghan Gervais
Did you know what you wanted to be when you were in Grade 9? Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national initiative that helps students connect school, their workplace and their futures. At SRC, students engaged their analytical brains and got hands-on with some fun science activities!
October 29, 2014
written by Dwayne Pattison
Can and should small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do competitive intelligence (CI)? If so, how do SMEs create a CI program without exhausting resources?
October 15, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
In 1925, Nikolai Kondratieff proposed economies go through cycles of depression, expansion and recession, called Kondratieff Waves. These waves carry technological, social/political, economic and environmental change, planting seeds for future innovations.
September 24, 2014
written by Mike Crabtree
Water is said to be one of the major environmental impacts of oil and gas production. While industry has long been conscious of water treatment, both above and below ground, there are some significant challenges facing them regarding sourcing and using water.
September 03, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Discovery and invention strategies are important aspects of research and development. Once something has been invented, questions related to feasibility, value and demand come into play, as well as whether or how the invention should be protected.
August 20, 2014
written by Mike McCubbing
When people think of Saskatchewan, diamonds don't often come to mind. Well, give your head a shake. Saskatchewan has one of the world's largest diamond labs at it's attracting international attention.
August 06, 2014
written by Lesley McGilp
In mining and oil sands, one of the biggest challenges faced by operators is dealing with slurries – complex mixtures of solids and liquids – which need to be sent via pipeline for processing, treatment and environmentally-safe disposal.
July 22, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Canada has an opportunity to become a business innovation leader by supporting and better connecting its existing innovation ecosystem.
June 24, 2014
written by SRC Communications
Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’ve been on your property for decades, testing your water is good for your health and your home. Five Reasons You Should Test Your Drinking Water.