Chuck Ingerman

Chuck Ingerman
Job Title
IT Manager

Chuck Ingerman is SRC's IT Manager. He previously served as Senior Director Professional Services for General Electric- HealthCare Division and Vice President Products and Professional Services for BDM Information Systems Ltd. In addition to senior management and leadership, he has 31 years of experience in software development, systems deployment, application training and IT infrastructure management.

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business professional using smart device being careful about internet security
November 29, 2018
At SRC, we have a robust internet security training program. But not all businesses have this and even then, there’s still a large part of the population—grandparents, parents and children—that don’t have access to this type of training. It’s really on us, those in the know, to talk to our friends and family about how they can stay safe online.
two hands in front of a computer screen with data
June 09, 2017
written by Chuck Ingerman
It seems like almost every week across the world, there’s a major online security breach that puts the data of individuals and businesses at risk. Cybercrime is a growing concern and the threats and attacks aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye.