Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions

SRC provides a wide range of services and innovative technologies for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), applicable to numerous reservoir conditions, oil types and operating constraints. We are internationally recognized for our CO2 expertise, laboratories and technologies.

Our RD&D aims to minimize your input costs, increase reserves and recovery factors, as well as extend pool production life. Using our strong capabilities in numerical simulation and physical reservoir modelling, we can work with you to determine the appropriate recovery technologies needed for your operations.

Working with the fossil energy industry – conventional oil, heavy oil, oil sands, oil shales and cleaner-coal – we accelerate applying technology to the field to maximize oil recovery and to reduce environmental impact. SRC’s engineers and technologists have extensive experience developing and applying innovative EOR technologies for a wide variety of reservoirs worldwide.

SRC also has expertise in physical modelling, numerical modelling, determining the conditions and potential for greenhouse gas sequestration, modelling of reaction kinetics for in-situ combustion EOR, petrophysical and fluid property determinations, chemical EOR evaluation and COEOR evaluation.

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