Petro Nakutnyy

Petro Nakutnyy SRC
Job Title
Director of Operations, EOR and In-Situ Processes

Petro Nakutnyy is the Director of Operations, Mining and Energy Division, at SRC and leads a diverse team of engineers and scientists focused on developing, testing and implementing novel enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. He has worked on and led a variety of heavy and medium oil EOR projects, including chemical flooding, CO2 EOR, permeability modification and water shut-off, hybrid thermal processes, electrical heating and artificial intelligence. Petro is a registered Professional Engineer and has a Master of Applied Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan.

Posts by this Author

2-d images of potash core sample from src lab
October 27, 2021
Potash solution mining is used for extracting ore from deep underground, but unlike conventional mining, operators don't have direct access to the potash bed to analyze the geology. This is where SRC's industrial computed tomography (CT) scanner comes in. Learn how CT scanning can help mines better understand their deposits.
SRC engineer with dual-permeability core flood apparatus in SRC lab
April 12, 2021
SRC's Enhanced Oil Recovery team uses a stage-gated approach to help small-to-medium enterprises develop their technologies and evaluate technical, market and commercial factors. This helps our clients save time and accelerate adoption. Learn about what's involved.