CO2 EOR Evaluation

SRC offers oil companies fast, cost-effective preliminary assessments of the CO2 flooding potential for their reservoirs. Our expertise in CO2 and chemical EOR evaluation packages for oil industry clients is internationally recognized. 

Our assessment package comprises four key services:

  • Phase Behaviour (PVT) Testing of the reservoir fluid with varying concentrations of CO2: provides data on oil viscosity reduction, oil swelling, CO2 solubility, asphaltene precipitation and more; data supports other tasks and serves as input for any future numerical simulation to predict field performance.
  • Minimum Miscibility Pressure Measurement: through rising bubble apparatus (RBA) studies and slim tube tests for various oil-solvent systems.
  • Coreflood Testing: carried out to assess oil recovery behaviour and potential under different injection strategies, and to obtain endpoint relative permeability data for any future numerical simulation.
  • Numerical Simulation: a series of live oil-CO2 PVT data are used to build and tune an equation of state (EOS) model. After incorporating the well-tuned EOS model and specifically created core structure model, compositional simulation can then be run to history-match the core displacement process. By request, the tuned lab-scale compositional model can be applied on a field-scale simulation. Clients will be provided with the actual geological model, reservoir flow process and production performance with different injection strategies.
Contact us to get a preliminary assessment your reservoir’s CO2 flooding potential.