Numerical Modelling

​Offering numerical modelling of thermal-solvent vapour extraction (TSVX) processes, SRC provides estimates for expected field oil production rates and recoveries for a particular set of reservoir conditions and solvent/steam injection rates and scenarios. Semi-analytical flow modelling and scaling, as well as numerical simulation of 3-D physical model experiments, can provide field-scale estimates from history matching the laboratory experiments. The physical models are used as an apparatus for observing and investigating important process mechanisms, as well as providing detailed and accurate data sets for calibrating numerical models of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes.

We offer a number of advanced techniques and algorithms developed to calibrate numerical simulation models for the proper handling of non-equilibrium solvent solubility effects, and the effects of variations in gridblock sizes required to simulate both laboratory and field-scale EOR processes. The tuned simulator is used to predict field-scale performance for a particular EOR process. Coupled with comprehensive economic models, both the technical and the economic viability can be evaluated.

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