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Erin is a freelance writer, creative communicator and academic who explores stories about science, history and health. 

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lucinda poses in src office hallway
written by Erin M
Lucinda brings her deep understanding of all facets of mining operations and social sciences to her role as Director of Business Development at SRC, working with diverse communities and companies both local and international. Lucinda understands that strong working relationships are the key to business development, especially when providing services to clients.
hydrogen storage tanks rendering with solar and wind
written by Erin M
Saskatchewan's established oil and gas industry is crucial for diversifying the energy sector and providing solutions that work for the economy and the environment. With over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise, SRC is supporting the province as it turns its attention towards hydrogen.
A timeline of energy innovation including energy-efficient housing, alternative fuel and hybrid energy solutions
written by Erin M
For over 75 years, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) has focused on research and technology demonstration that directly affects the welfare of the province — helping find solutions for the agricultural, mining, environmental and energy industries.
Helium element suspended above a gravel road surrounded by green prairie fields, sunshine and blue sky.
written by Erin M
With Canada’s most significant helium reserves found in southwestern Saskatchewan, the province has the potential to be a leader in helium production. Learn about the findings from a report SRC developed to investigate the potential of building a helium liquification hub in the province.
machine at src separates valuable ore from waste using lasers
written by Erin M and Lucinda W
SRC's testing regime assists industry clients with choosing the right sensor-based sorting technology for their needs. Learn about the different stages, from mineral characterization through to pilot-scale testing.
src diamond expert lucy standing in diamond lab
written by Erin M
As supervisor of SRC’s Diamond Services group, Lucy's specialized knowledge and expertise has helped expand the laboratory’s capabilities into diamond breakage and assessments. From academia to industry, learn how Lucy applied her love of science to become an industry-leading diamond expert.
man supervises laser cutter at src
written by Erin M
Rare earth elements are used in many technologies, but they require purification and processing to separate them for use in these products. Solvent extraction is a strategic separation step that makes REEs more valuable. Learn more about how SRC designed and fabricated its own solvent extraction cells in-house for its Rare Earth Processing Facility.
Mark Director of Indigenous Relations at SRC
written by Erin M
Mark is the Senior Director of Indigenous Relations at SRC and a member of the Metis Nation-Saskatchewan. He is helping SRC make new connections, build trust and maintain relationships with Indigenous communities across the province. Read more about Mark and his work at SRC.
Dexu K stands in front of industrial setting at SRC's Pipe Flow Facility
written by Erin M
Mining practices have evolved with the advent of innovative technologies and new applications. SRC research scientist Dexu Kong, and collaborators from the University of Saskatchewan, researched a new way of recovering gold from secondary sources. Learn more about what they found.
SRC aerial perspective of a revegetated tailings field at gunnar mine site
written by Erin M
Remediation efforts at the former Gunnar Mine and Mill Site reached a new milestone last spring—with the first stage of revegetation coming to fruition. Learn how this long-abandoned uranium mine and mill has undergone a large environmental transformation over the past decade.