The Shook-Gillies HPHT Test Facility

The Shook-Gillies HPHT Test Facility at SRC's Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ is a Class 1, Division 1 building capable of handling volatile materials. It is equipped with a four-inch diameter Class 600 ANSI flow loop. The system is designed to test industrial conditions, including slurry fluid flows from enhanced oil recovery projects involving solvent or steam.


  • Testing at temperatures up to 250 C, which will allow the system to simulate SAGD field conditions
  • Testing at pressures of up to 1,300 psig, to reproduce conditions that may be seen in sales pipelines
  • Testing involving mixtures that include volatile materials, including light crude oil and solvents, to mimic flows involving produced fluids from enhanced oil recovery projects
  • Testing of complex mixtures that involve slurries with volatile components, such as the complex mixtures involved in oil sand solvent extraction projects

The capabilities of this facility supports the continued development of Canada’s oil and gas, and oil sands industries.

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