Jack Zhang

Jack Zhang
Job Title
Director, Rare Earth Element Division and Manager, Mineral Processing

Jack Zhang manages SRC's Mineral Processing team and is the Director of SRC's Rare Earth Processing Facility. His areas of focus include applied R&D and process development for uranium, lithium, potash, rare earths, gold, base metals and mine water treatment. He previously served as a Plant Metallurgist at Cameco and as a Process Engineer at SINOPEC.

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engineer in blue coveralls working in pilot plant
July 16, 2018
The demand for lithium is projected to increase 73 per cent by 2025. Lithium extraction is often expensive and time consuming, so how can mining companies keep up with this fast-rising demand? Keep reading to learn about new advances in lithium recovery technologies.
An SRC employee oversees the rare earth solvent extraction process
May 24, 2017
written by Rebecca Gotto and Jack Zhang
Most of us know that Saskatchewan is the world’s richest and largest uranium jurisdiction. But did you know that Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are often found within uranium deposits, making Saskatchewan...
Row of glass jars filled with rare earths
January 26, 2015
written by Jack Zhang
The versatility of rare earths has led to their use in an ever-increasing variety of applications in new technologies. Consequently, demand for rare earths has increased significantly. Everybody wants to extract rare earths because they’re so important, but metallurgical processing is complicated and comes at a high cost.