Uranium Mining Analytical Services

SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories offers one of the most complete analytical service listings in Canada, with unique capabilities in radiochemical and uranium mining analysis.

Environmental sample analysis is provided for special assessments and routine monitoring programs. We offer uranium analytical services that assist the uranium mining industry in carrying out their business and environmental programs, and ensuring that regulatory obligations are fulfilled.

Our tests include:

  • Radiochemical analysis for Uranium, Radium-226, Thorium isotopes, Lead-210, Polonium-210 and other natural radionuclides
  • Several man-made radionuclides, including some fission products
  • Trace metal analysis by ICP-AES and ICP-MS
  • Nutrients and physical properties
  • Trace organic contaminants analysis (e.g., PCBs, oils, solvents)

These tests can be conducted on a wide variety of sample types:

  • Water
  • Soil, sediment, drill cores, ores, tailings, waste rock
  • Biological
  • Airborne particulates
  • Waste oils

Read our fact sheet to learn more about specific analytical tests.

  • Leachability Testing
  • Kd (Diffusion Coefficient) Determinations
  • Acid / Base Accounting
  • Radon Emanation Rate

Radiation Safety Services

SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories is approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to conduct leak test measurements for a variety of radioisotopes commonly used in sealed sources. The lab also provides contamination monitoring services by performing measurements of wipes used to monitor for removable contamination.

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