Jeff Z

Jeff Z
Job Title
Manager, SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories

Jeff is the manager of SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories in the Environment and Biotech Division. He has previously served as Senior Supervisor of the Inorganics and Radiochemistry Laboratories, Supervisor of Inorganics Laboratory, and Supervisor of Quality Control and Quality Assurance at the lab. In addition to laboratory supervision and quality control, he has 6 years of experience in radiation safety.

Posts by this Author

female technician collecting water into bottle from lake
August 11, 2022
written by Jeff Z
Water is a reactive and dynamic medium. Although a sample bottle filled with water may look quite stable, as soon as that sample is taken, subtle changes can begin to take place. Read more to learn why it's important to follow the sampling and preservation guidelines provided by your laboratory.
src edibles testing lab
June 24, 2020
written by Jeff Z
Although cannabis edibles became legal in October 17, 2019, many consumers were surprised that edibles weren’t available that day. Just like when recreational use of cannabis became legal, many...
female src employee pours liquid into container for water quality testing
March 19, 2019
written by Jeff Z
Water testing is a hugely complex process involving multiple types of complex scientific instruments that require a significant technical understanding to operate. These complexities sometimes give rise to uncertainty in water test results, and this is where it's important that testing is done through an accredited lab. Learn why.
radon detector
September 08, 2017
written by Jeff Z
As the second leading cause of lung cancer, the presence of radon in a home poses a safety issue that can be readily dealt with in many cases. As many people have not even heard of radon, the challenge lies in building awareness about the importance of testing among the general public.
Lab technician puts sample into vial
June 09, 2016
written by Jeff Z
Laboratory test results impact many areas of our daily lives. Accreditation enhances the public confidence in those test results. Find out how lab gets accredited, who does the accrediting and what role quality personnel play in maintaining standards.