Environment & Safety

Safety is SRC’s overriding priority. The existing mine and mill sites have hazards related to structures, contaminants and low levels of gamma radiation and ambient radon. SRC is focused on safe work practices and is working with regulatory agencies to ensure the safety of workers and the public during the project.

  • Since April 2007, SRC has been conducting remediation work on a contractual basis. This work has enabled SRC to have a good understanding of the project requirements.
  • As the dedicated project manager, SRC is responsible for planning and carrying out the site clean up, including obtaining approvals and licences, as well as managing the Environmental Impact Assessment process.
  • Active environmental monitoring ensures our remediation efforts are successful. Monitoring is underway and will continue as remediation is carried out. Long-term monitoring will be continued once remediation is complete.
  • SRC engages with northern communities to facilitate meaningful participation in determining the best options for remediation.


  • Saskatchewan Environment regulates the use of Crown land and the protection of the environment. The Environmental Assessment Branch leads provincial departments in the environmental assessment of projects such as the remediation of Gunnar and Lorado. SRC is working with provincial departments to meet their project expectations.
  • The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulates aspects of the Gunnar and Lorado projects, under the Canadian Nuclear Safety and Control Act, to ensure protection of both people and the environment.
  • Other federal departments participate in the federal environmental assessment, in conjunction with the province. Due to recent changes in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, a federal environmental assessment is no longer required for Lorado. However, SRC will continue to address federal regulators’ comments on the Lorado Environmental Impact Statement.