Midge-tolerant Wheat Refuge Testing

In recent years, the wheat midge fly has caused significant damage to wheat crops in Western Canada. Fortunately, new midge-tolerant wheat varietal blends are available to wheat growers.

Through the Midge-Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Agreement, Canadian seed growers are collaborating to manage the way seed is grown, monitored and distributed.
SRC administers a unique service for growers, testing midge-tolerant wheat varietal blends for refuge quantification and providing certification for adherence to Canadian Seed Growers’ Association standards. 

Using SRC’s midge-tolerant wheat refuge testing service, wheat growers can ensure they have the right blend to help protect their crops from a virulent wheat midge population. 

SRC is a leader in applied research, technology development and high-throughput testing for the agriculture industry. Since 2010, SRC has delivered midge-tolerant
wheat refuge testing services directly to producers. SRC experts have developed a wheat midge test method using droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) technology responding
to the seed growers’ need for more rapid, reliable midge-tolerant wheat refuge test results. 

Sample Procedures and Form

Download the Midge Sample Procedures and Form for more information about submitting samples.

Our lab requires 500 g of untreated blended wheat per sample. Ideally, taking multiple midstream samplings while transferring grain is the best way to acquire a representative sample. Avoid sampling from the bottom of a bin as this may bias the sample towards one variety. 


The test method is reliable, providing highly accurate results. For each DNA extraction from a varietal blend, the test is replicated two to four times to ensure accuracy. As the pedigreed seed classification escalates, an increased number of extractions and replicate reactions are performed. 


A quick turnaround is achievable with this test method thanks to an efficient process using smaller batches. SRC can provide test results within 10 business days of
receiving seed samples. 

Test markers

We currently have test markers for the following blends. SRC continuously develops and validates tests for new blends. 

  • AAC Foray/AAC Penhold        
  • AAC Marchwell/AAC Raymore
  • AAC Prevail/CDC Plentiful
  • AAC Tenacious/AAC Crusader
  • AAC Cameron/AC Carberry
  • AAC Jatharia/AC Carberry
  • BW479/SY433
  • CDC Adamant/CDC Bradwell
  • CDC Landmark/AAC Viewfield
  • CDC Carbide/CDC Vivid
  • CDC Titanium/AC Stettler
  • CDC Utmost/Harvest
  • Conquer/5701PR
  • Enchant/AC Crystal
  • Fieldstar/Waskada
  • Glencross/Burnside
  • Goodeve/AC Intrepid
  • CDC Hughes/Cardale
  • Shaw/AC Domain
  • Unity/Waskada
  • Vesper/Waskada
  • Starbuck/Brandon
  • Wheatland/Brandon
  • Alida/Brandon
  • Awesome/Andrew
  • Chiffon/Andrew
  • Paramount/Andrew
  • Indus/Andrew
  • Sparrow/Alderon
  • LeRoy/Redberry
  • AAC Succeed/CDC Alloy
  • AC Weyburn/Precision
  • Chert/ Sovite
  • Dutton / Brandon
  • SY Brawn / SY Cast
  • AAC Rimbey / AAC Penhold
  • Russell / Brandon
  • Broadacre / Brandon 
  • AAC Hodge / AAC Hockley
  • AAC Darby / AAC Hassler