Custom DNA Analytics

SRC develops, validates and implements genomic tools and high-throughput commercial tests that deliver value to various industries.

Bringing significant experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and quantitative genetics, we offer contract research and development services. We can assist with your research program, offering expertise and capacity for:

  • Biomarker identification and development of custom DNA tests
  • Custom in-process tests for microbial strain verification
  • Disease tracking and management
  • Variety-specific crop surveillance

SRC provides expert genomic and expression analyses of biological samples, yielding reliable results for research in academic, government, and industrial settings. Services include: 

  • Sequenom mass array assay design and validation
  • Probe-based assay design and validation
  • DNA and RNA isolation, integrity assessment and quantification
  • PCR analyses
  • DNA and RNA profiling
  • Copy number variation determination
  • Mutation detection: probed-based and High Resolution Melt (HRM) curve SNP detection
  • Genotyping
  • Biosample processing
  • Quantitative gene expression analyses

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