DNA Testing Services

Growing societal demand for food traceability, quality assurance and broader food security is creating both new opportunities and increased challenges for Canadian agricultural producers. In response, SRC enables industry to advance innovative research and new technologies that provide the confidence and information necessary to assure customers they are receiving safe, high-quality food and feed products. 

DNA testing technologies deliver rapid, cost-effective and consistent solutions that help Canada maintain its strong brand reputation for high-quality agricultural products and contribute to the future competitiveness and prosperity of the crop production sector. 

SRC is a leader in applied research, technology development and high-throughput testing for the agriculture industry.

Commercial tests

Disease detection and analysis

  • Fusarium head blight – qualitative Fusarium species detection

Midge-Tolerant Wheat Refuge Testing

Since 2010, SRC has delivered midge-tolerant wheat refuge testing services directly to producers. SRC experts have developed a wheat midge test method using droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) technology responding to the seed growers’ need for more rapid, reliable midge-tolerant wheat refuge test results.