Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre

The Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre is a fee-for-service facility led and managed by SRC that provides field and pilot-scale testing, monitoring and validation of new Post-CHOPS technologies using end-of-life, but still active, CHOPS wells. The Centre is an attractive commercialization route for technology providers as it reduces cost, risk and time from technology development to market. For industry, de-risking and pre-validating technology will allow them to move quicker into full-scale commercial piloting.

Read our fact sheet to learn more about the Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre.


The facility accelerates field-scale development and adoption of new Post-CHOPS technologies by:

  • Providing assessment and validation of technologies during the field trial process, including assessment of techno-economic performance, field readiness and environmental sustainability

  • Reducing technological risk for end-user operators; provide a detailed risk and mitigation assessment, allowing operators to move quickly from commercial pilot trials to commercial-scale adoption

  • Facilitating the industry sharing of results proven in the field speeds up wide-scale adoption of the technology, for the economic benefit of all stakeholders

Three-Stage Process

  1. SRC assesses the technology and, with the technology provider, performs an initial technoeconomic analysis to gain project sanction and royalty credit support from the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy. Potential field trial well operators are then engaged. At this point, additional funding sources may also be identified, as required, for the trial. 

  2. The operator puts forward a well for the technology field trial. SRC works as a facilitator with the operator and the technology provider to design the field trial. SRC provides monitoring and assessment support during the execution of the field trial.

  3. SRC facilitates the gathering of all relevant field trial data, including production results, to create a comprehensive, validated data set and report to be used by the technology provider, operator and other stakeholders in order to develop the next stages of commercialization.

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Petro Nakutnyy

Petro Nakutnyy

Director of Operations, EOR and In-Situ Processes