Ryan J

Ryan J
Job Title
Team Lead, Integrated Energy Systems

Ryan is the Team Lead for SRC's Integrated Energy Systems group. He received a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics and an M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan in Electrical Engineering with a focus on microgrid reliability. He is a Professional Engineer with Permission to Consult in the area of smart grids. Ryan has experience in project management, as well as technical expertise in renewable energy systems, energy storage, remote monitoring systems, programming, smart grids and microgrids, electric vehicles, and district heating systems. Most recently, he has been working on hybrid energy system product development with a focus on deep decarbonization.

Posts by this Author

List of ways to reduce energy costs
January 10, 2017
written by Ryan J
Energy is an intrinsic part of our daily lives, and it has become so common to simply make toast or coffee in the morning that we often forget how valuable energy is. For National Cut your Energy Costs Day on January 10, 2017, we are sharing seven ways to reduce your energy costs.
Hybrid Energy Container at Gunnar Mine Site
November 23, 2015
written by Ryan J
There are several off-grid communities and industrial sites in Saskatchewan that use diesel generators to meet their electrical power needs. But what if there was a more efficient way to generate power? SRC developed the Hybrid Energy Container (HERC) Power System in response to this challenge and put it to work at one of the mine sites they're remediating to demonstrate the technology.
Wind turbine in a field
April 09, 2014
written by Ryan J
Renewable energy generation from sources such as wind is largely unpredictable. What if you could smooth out the volatility and make a wind turbine act like a conventional generator? This is exactly what we are trying to achieve in a wind-battery project we’ve developed alongside Cowessess First Nation.
Factor 9 home in Regina
October 01, 2013
written by Ryan J
The Factor 9 Home was a demonstration project by SRC of a single family residence located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The home features very high levels of energy efficiency and environmental...