Mike Crabtree

Mike Crabtree
Job Title
Vice-President, Energy

Mike Crabtree is SRC's Vice-President of Energy. He holds a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and previously served as Chief Commercial Officer at Carbon Engineering Inc. in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to this, he was the founder and CEO of Oilflow Solutions Inc. and has also held various senior roles with Schlumberger. In addition to business development and leadership, he has international experience in converting research and development into fully commercial technology. Mike is recognized for driving business growth for both global leaders and start-ups in the oil and gas, green energy and environmental sectors.

Posts by this Author

Post-CHOPS Well Head with Sunset
August 25, 2016
written by Mike Crabtree
In Saskatchewan, there are hundreds of millions of barrels of heavy oil still in the ground and currently no way to extract it. SRC's new Post-CHOPS Well Test Centre validates new technologies that could solve this challenge.
Graphic showing wormhole diagram
January 20, 2015
written by Mike Crabtree
CHOPs produces thousands of barrels of heavy oil per day for Saskatchewan, but also leaves 90 per cent of the oil in the reservoir untouched. Maturing wells represent an opportunity to deploy new technology into the reservoirs to recover the remaining oil.
Glossy lake with a cloudy sky
September 24, 2014
written by Mike Crabtree
Water is said to be one of the major environmental impacts of oil and gas production. While industry has long been conscious of water treatment, both above and below ground, there are some significant challenges facing them regarding sourcing and using water.