Jane Danoczi

Jane Danoczi is a Senior Process Engineer in SRC’s Mining and Energy Division. She previously served as Manager, Process Design at Shore Gold Inc., CEO of Danoczi Solutions and Senior Research Officer at De Beers. In addition to corporate management and leadership, she has 28 years of experience in researching and developing technologies used in mines and is best known for her work in diamond recovery technologies.

Bryan Schreiner

Bryan Schreiner is Chief Geoscientist in SRC's Mining and Energy Division. He provides technical leadership and expert guidance for geosciences and minerals, and to clients, management and researchers across SRC. Bryan helps identify new opportunities for geosciences and mineral services, and helps to build new (and support existing) programs. He has over 40 years of experience, including in corporate management and leadership, and in other specialty areas, such as in geoscience, geotechnical engineering and groundwater investigations.