Muhammad I

Muhammad I SRC
Job Title
Vice-President, Rare Earth Element Division

Muhammad, P.Eng, Ph.D, is SRC's Vice-President of the Rare Earth Element Division. He previously served as Director of Operations, Mining and Energy at SRC. He has led many projects, including innovative proofs of concept; development and optimization of medium and heavy oil EOR processes; lab-scale equipment design; and physical, fluid flow, and wormhole modelling. His major areas of expertise are vapour extraction (Vapex), solvent vapour extraction (SVX), thermal SVX (TSVX), heavy oil waterflooding, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and steam–surfactant processes. He is skilled in planning, coordinating and executing successful strategic business programs and managing high performance teams.

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jars of colourful rare earths at src lab
written by Rebecca G and Muhammad I
With growth in any sector, particularly a relatively new sector, there are both challenges and opportunities. For the rare earth elements industry, the key to success will come from the development and security of its own independent supply chains. Learn how SRC's new Facility is playing a lead role in addressing some of the issues in the supply chain.