Energy and Decarbonization Services

SRC helps develop and commercialize technologies for advanced energy systems such as:

Working with industries, governments, utilities, Aboriginal groups, communities and other organizations, we help advance the adoption and commercialization of emerging technologies in the areas of small-scale heat and power production with improved sustainability. Our focus is on turning emerging technologies into marketable products. 

We can help you develop collaborators, source funding and define the project scope required to meet your needs. In addition to providing project management and technical services, we can also assist with developing and managing intellectual property to support commercialization efforts. 

Benefits of working with SRC:

  • Assistance with product development through project and collaboration development, product design, analysis, testing, evaluation and intellectual property development
  • Assistance accelerating market penetration by providing credible and trusted third-party testing and validation of emerging technologies
  • Assistance to early adopters through due diligence evaluation and new technologies testing

Whether you’re interested in reducing energy costs, developing marketable products or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we have the expertise to create solutions for you. 

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