Jenna Smith-Windsor

Jenna Smith-Windsor is a lead technologist at SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories. She specializes in radiochemistry and is a licensed operator of the SLOWPOKE-2 reactor. She has been a member of SRC’s OH&S committee for over a year and encourages others to be proactive in safety at work, as well as at home.

Virginia Wittrock

Virginia Wittrock is a Research Scientist/Climatologist at SRC. Virginia’s research interests are in climate change impacts, adaptations, hazards and vulnerability. Virginia is on the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association and is chair of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. She has won several awards including, the City of Saskatoon’s Tourism Leadership Recipient (2011), the Saskatoon YWCA Science and Technology award (2004) and was appointed one of Canada’s “Leaders in Innovation” by the Partners